At Travel Designers, we have years of experience offering the finest holidays and offering authentic travel experiences.  We’ve teamed up with our villa holiday  specialists, James’s Villas, Simpson Travel, Sunvil, GIC, and CV Villas to bring you the best villa holiday  experience.

We offer beautiful villas and apartments around the world, handpicked for their astounding view, unique history or infinity pool and surroundings. They all have the wow factor and we can help you choose the right one for you, whether it’s a special occasion, couple’s escape, family holiday or large group. From a traditional trulli house in Puglia, Italy, to an island dwelling surrounded by lemon and orange groves in Greece, make an appointment with our Travel Designers on 020 7720 8484 and lets start the conversation about your next Villa Holiday

We guarantee you will pay no more than booking with Travel Designers than direct, as we are independent we will search the various products and offer you our unbiased advice.  

You will usually pay less by booking with us, as we have negotiated special rates with a range of our hand picked supplier partners


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