The picture-perfect coast of the Yucatan, forest-shrouded ruins and grand colonial settlements; holidays in Mexico can be a fly-and-flop or a journey of discovery

Caribbean waters lap beaches that grace more ‘world’s best’ lists than we can count. All-singing, all-dancing resorts with some of the world’s best inclusions provide the text-book setting for a tropical escape. With entertainment, activities and enrichment classes on tap, no two days in Mexico need to be the same, unless of course uninterrupted relaxation is more your vibe. Then there are hidden-away nooks, shaded poolside day beds and wide sandy beaches where all you’ll need is the latest best-seller.

Beaches aren’t the only thing Mexico holidays have to offer. There’s a side to the country that’s heaven for culture-seekers with cities where you can almost peel back the layers of time and belief, and Mayan ruins seemingly reclaimed by encroaching jungle or clinging to the cliffside. And then there’s the food. Varying from region to region but always full of flavour, Mexico’s fiery dishes have inspired some of the world’s best-loved dishes.

Our Personal Travel Experts have been to Mexico and can help you plan your dream holiday whether you’re thinking of a family beach break, a cultural exploration or a culinary adventure. Our Caribbean and Mexico experts can share their recommendations about where to stay and what to do while you’re there.