At Travel Designers we recognise the importance of ensuring your holiday is suitable for all of our clients, and particularly our LGBT customers. Of course, not all destinations are as liberal or as accepting as the UK and as a result of this, we are on-hand to assist you in making sure you are comfortable on your holiday and that the destination will be the perfect fit for you.

LGBT honeymoons are now big business and along with most honeymooners, LGBT couples want romance, sun, sand and sea. There are some destinations that are not as ideal for LGBT couples as you may think, others that are perfect and some where the lines blur, but together we will find the right destination for you- be it honeymoon or holiday.

Some of our favourite LGBT-friendly destinations include Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, USA, Australia and Europe. In most areas in these destinations, LGBT people are very warmly welcomed and will experience fantastic hospitality.

Destinations LGBT couples may want to research and understand the laws of before booking include United Arab Emirates, Kenya and other African countries, Jamaica, Egypt and Russia. Many of these destinations are not considered safe for LGBT travellers and we would not recommend these for LGBT honeymoons.

Call or email us now and discuss your holiday requirements and let us help you find your amazing.