Far East

The Far East  some of the world’s finest beaches in exotic places like Thailand, Bali and Malaysia, as well as the increasingly popular shores of Vietnam and the Philippines. Throw in an incredible variety of delectable cuisines and an array of stunning historic sights and its little wonder this fabulous region seduces us so easily.

But the Far East is not just about the beaches. A popular combination is to combine a beach holiday with one of the region’s exciting  cities, such as fun-filled Bangkok ,KL or the global melting pot that is Singapore and, of course, there’s the high-rise money-hub that is Hong Kong.

Venture from the cities and beaches and the region also delivers a never ending array of cultural and historic sights. Explore the vast ruins of Angkor in Cambodia, its temples slowly emerging from the forest.

Explore the colonial delights of Malacca and Penang in Malaysia, two cities savouring a cuisine enriched with the spices of India. Another Malaysian highlight is sampling fresh tea high up in the terraced hills of the Cameron Highlands or the amazing experience of Elephant Hills.

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Far East

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